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Favorite Places & Spaces: Workspaces

I desperately need to remodel my office. Here are some inspiration photos I have saved to my pinterest.

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How to Stack Bracelets

A huge trend right now is stacking bracelets, also known as "arm candy" or "arm swag".  Forget everything you have followed in the past. It's now popular to mix metals! Mix together silver, gold, hematite and rose gold. Another popular trend is color! Especially hand poured enamel bracelets. Try mixing different textures together such spikes, beads, bangles, leather and wrap bracelets. Here are a few examples of my favorite combinations of stackable bracelets. There is really no secret to getting it right. Mix old with new and stack it up!

What I like to do is start with one of my favorite bracelets (the bardot spiral bracelet or our renegade cluster bracelet) and add to it.
Have fun stacking!
Ashley Haworth
Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot
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Trend Alert: Coral Inspiration

Trend alert! Coral. Both coral colors and coral shapes are so popular this Summer. And I love that Stella & Dot makes it possible to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe with very affordable pieces of jewelry. So you can make your favorite pair of jeans and white tee trendy by adding jewelry with coral colors and shapes.

Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot


Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is less than a week away and I am sure there are people that have yet to purchase a gift (since I am one of those people..).  Thanks to Stella & Dot's many options for shipping, there is still time to order and receive the gift before Mother's Day!
All items come prepackaged in our cute S&D boxes so they work great as gift wrapping. A cute idea is to tie a ribbon around the box and attach our "mom" charm for Mother's Day to the ribbon.
Don't forget to check our Spring Sale, there are some items perfect for Mother's Day gifts! Including the initial charms and mom charm!
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Ashley Haworth
Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot


Photos from our Las Vegas Retreat

Photos from our Stella & Dot Stylist Team Retreat in Las Vegas.
Sugar Factory-bet you can't guess what these are!

Starbucks training break!

Toasting our current and future success!

Stella & Dot "Mafia"
Ka Cirque Du Soleil


Stella & Dot Stylist Retreat

Last weekend I went to Las Vegas on a Stella & Dot Stylist Retreat. We spent the weekend soaking up the sun at the MGM Grand pool, shopping, we saw the Ka Cirque Du Soleil show and ate a ton of good food. We also spent a long time learning how to build our business big! We had so much fun and learned so much on this retreat we are planning on doing it again next year in Vegas. If you are interested in becoming a Stylist and attending this retreat with us, contact me! 
I will make a post with some photos from the trip tomorrow! 
Ashley Haworth
Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot