I woke up to everything covered with frost and leaves raining from my beautiful maple tree. At least it is not snow yet? All surrounding towns have seen snow except for us. 
I can't wait for halloween just so I can use this halloween bowl.
Gift from my mother.

And I love the inside!


Harry Potter

Today I went to lunch with one of my good friends and she had her belly button pierced because she reached her goal weight! My husband was shocked that goal weights actually exist and couldn't believe that even I had one. Silly boys.
One of my favorite things to do in life since I was 7? is read books. One thing I've wanted since my love of books began was a library. I have saved all of my favorite books since I started to read with a goal of building the ultimate personal library. And I can reread books over and over. I am currently rereading this book...

I am a huge harry potter nerd and am not embarrassed to admit that I was at Universal Studios an hour before they opened so I could be one of the first people on the HP ride the first morning of our honeymoon. 


There are many perks to working as a nurse in the hospital. The obvious perk is working only three shifts a week even if they are 12 hour shifts. The second perk I am fully enjoying on this beautiful fall day. Getting called off if there aren't enough patients! I got to sleep in and am now enjoying catching up on my DVR.
I also cleaned my house. When buying a house, I thought it would be a great idea to choose a home I could live in my entire life. So I chose a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 car garage home with a large backyard. And I absolutely love it. It is nice enough that it doesn't require any immediate work but I do have plans to remodel my house someday. Put in a new kitchen, remodel the bathrooms, finish the unfinished half of the basement, get new flooring, new windows, new light fixtures, etc. But it is such a pain in the neck to clean! Especially with two hairy dogs to constantly clean up after. But today I am throughly enjoying my newly cleaned house, a fall breeze through the open windows and listening to the neighborhood kids playing out in the street.
Life is good.